Tattoo Tuesday

Tattoo serves as motivation for Syracuse University junior to follow her dream

Raven Rentas | Contributing Writer

Inspired by her love of singing and passion to help others with music, Angela Gallina got her treble clef tattoo on her right ankle.

More than a decade ago, Angela Gallina was singing “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” in a local production of the musical “Annie.” Now a junior at Syracuse University, Gallina continues to belt out her favorite show tunes. To honor her unwavering love of music, the singer got a treble clef tattoo on her inner right ankle.

Gallina first began her career in the fourth grade when she started taking voice lessons, concentrating on classical Italian music and opera. But her love began far before she began voice lessons.

“I don’t remember how old I was, but I just always knew that I loved to sing,” Gallina said.

Gallina recalls constantly humming, whistling or singing, no matter the time or place. She remembers her daily routine in kindergarten of coming home, riding her scooter in her backyard and singing different TV theme songs, as well as songs that she learned in class.

“I always performed for everybody,” Gallina said. “I remember my great-aunt having a cane and since she knew I loved to sing, she would always give it to me to use as a microphone.”

Despite Gallina’s childhood dream of performing on Broadway, she decided not to pursue the stage when she got to college.

“I love performing, like that’s something I’m not gonna give up, but I do need a career,” Gallina said.

She entered SU with a major in social work, which she immediately took a liking to.

Upon writing a paper about music therapy in the first semester of her freshman year, she became interested in it. Now, with a major in social work and a minor in music performance, Gallina plans to eventually open up her own music therapy facility for children with special needs.

“I can use music, which is something I love, to help others who may need it,” Gallina said.

At the end of her first semester at SU, she got a tattoo of a treble clef, which is also known as the “G” clef, to symbolize her love of music, and also because her last name begins with G.

Over the past two years, her tattoo has come to mean more than what she originally intended. Having found her calling in music therapy, Gallina said she sees her tattoo as both a representation of the passion she’s always had for music, as well an inspiration to use music to help others.


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